Some Peoples’ Children

As many of you may be aware, Mary Davies (Beanstalk’s President), Kathryn Robinson (One of our best link builders), and myself (Beanstalk’s CEO) along with some friends and family have formed Beanstalk’s Team Heather and on October 5th we’ll be participating in the CIBC Run For The Cure – an annual fund raising effort to help fund breast cancer research.

We’re doing MANY things to raise money for the effort as it’s an issue that’s close to our hearts since Mary’s cousin Heather (and thus the name Team Heather) was diagnosed with breast cancer.

One of those efforts was putting up a page on our site with some cool incentives for people to sponsor our team and help raise money for this worthwhile cause (note: it’s tax deductable as well).

Another effort, as we live right by the water in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada was to put out a table with donation forms and information on our team and the charity. Those who made a donation or even just signed our guestbook with good wishes got to take a pink ribbon and tie it to our fence where it would stay until after the race.

Someone stole our table.

That’s right, they took the guestbook and ribbons off (thanks at least for that) and they actually stole the table of people using the table to raise money for charity.

Now fortunately we have extras and once again this morning the table is out where it’ll remain all day but seriously – who raises someone who steals tables that are there to raise money for charity? I wasn’t sure whether to be ticked off or just laugh. I chose to laugh and rant a bit on the blog. I seem to be doing that lately. 🙂

So, my thought is that there’s always some good with the bad. We had our misfortune last night – my hope is that this blog post will inspire our valued blog readers to visit our Breast Cancer Run page or our charity page and make a donation. And we’re not just asking for a free handout. We’re willing to give a little back. How much depends on the donation. Be sure to visit our Team Heather page for more info. You’ll be glad you did.

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