Shocking News !!!

Believe it or not … Google dominates the search engine marketplace. I know, I know … you can’t believe it so remember … you heard it first on the Beanstalk SEO Blog. 😉

A series of report have recently been released outlining usage statistics for the various major engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN), their marketshare, and the marketshare the hold in various parts of the world. While the nubmers in the various reports vary the general concensus seems to be that Google leads with Yahoo! running in second and MSN pulling in, in thrid place worldwide. The gap is relatively small in the US however in Europe the dominance of Google is FAR greater with Yahoo! in a distant second and MSN WAY behind to the point where AOL and AskJeeves are the real threats).

Now, with this in mind it is important to consider that Microsoft is only now really pushing their MSN search feature through advertising and it will undoubtedly be far more integrated into their next operating system which should launch later in 2005 (remember, this is Microsoft so that really means sometime between now and spring of 2007). The integration of MSN search into their new OS in ways I probably couldn’t even think of will undoubtedly increase significantly their percentage of search and, to be fair, I’ve found the MSN search to provide equal and often better results than Google (though guess what my default engine still is?)

If you would like to read more on the various marketshared the engines hold as well as a snapshot of how various regions search (very important for those selling abroad) you can do so on the website at

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