SES San Jose

Beanstalk CEO Dave Davies will be heading to San Jose from August 7th until the 10th for the Search Engine Strategies 2006 Conference. The largest conference of it’s kind (i.e. SEO and Internet Marketing-related) it promises to be an excellent event for all who attend.

Dave will be speaking beside Aaron Wall of on how to rank a website highly on all three major search engines (and who doesn’t’ want to do that). He will also be covering a bit on how to analyze your statistics to know when it’s best to sacrifice rankings on one engine in exchange for increased rankings on another.

It is a pleasure to be offered the chance to speak at this event and our thanks go out to editor and SES organizer Danny Sullivan for providing us the chance to do so.

For more information on SES San Jose you can visit their website at For more information on the topic or how to rank highly across all three major engines you should read a 4-part article series put out by Dave Davies and which can be found on the Beanstalk site at

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