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Today I received a recip link request from a gentleman who has recently started an SEO blog. While I have no problems with reciprocal links per-se we’ve never used them on the Beanstalk site as we’ve focused our link building efforts on other areas (such as articles which are great for traffic AND links). When we link out to another site it is purely for the reason that we believe our visitors will find the content we’re linking to either useful or, in some cases, entertaining.

I decided to take a look at the blog I was sent however and I discovered something, it’s actually pretty good. 🙂 Run by Dutch blogger Bas van Westrenen it doesn’t just cover SEO but also seems to be covering other search engine news. And so rather than trading links with him I’ll do what I always do, link to a resource I believe might be of interest to you, my valuable readers. The blog is new so there aren’t that many back posts but if he keeps up the way he’s started this may be one to add to your bookmarks. The blog can be found at

Happy reading and have a great weekend !!!

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