SEO Snake Oil?

There’s an interesting article posted on the EntireWeb site “debating” the very question as to whether SEO is snake oil or science. Of course I am completely biased in my opinion that SEO is not snake oil and that there is a pure science to it. The author (Michael L. McGrath) did not point out in the article that good SEO is, by necessity, a “scientist”. As we’ve noted in many articles, search engine operate by mathmatical algorithms and thus, also by necessity, there is a science to it. Any area that is governed by strick though moving factors must be considered a science. Gravity, because it is measurable, it a science. So too is SEO.

But for now I will step down off my soapbox and rather than debate SEO as a science will note that this article, for SEO’s and for site owners alike, is a good article to read up on. It is based on the author’s experience with an advertising executive from Madison Avenue and bring to light many interesting points defending SEO and, more importantly, indicating what can be measured to help identify ROI for your online marketing dollars.

The article can be read on the Entireweb website here. It doesn’t quite fit our “mandatory reading” list but it’s definitely worth the 3 minutes it takes to read whether your an SEO, considering hiring one, or just interested in measuring the ROI on your advertising dollars.

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