SEO On A Friday

I love Friday’s (and who doesn’t). Today there’s a bit of news from the SEO realm for you and I’ll add a bit of humor at the end just to make the end of your day (or weekend) a bit more entertaining. 🙂

First let’s discuss Bing (oh God not again). Annoyingly – I have more good news for Webmasters from Bing. For why this is annoying you can reference yesterday’s post. But here we go anyways.

A few days ago Bing released a PDF for webmasters and publishers on Bing the basically outlines some of the core differences between Bing and those “other engines” (read: Google). If you really searched on Bing you’d figure this stuff out fairly readily however it’s a worthwhile read. You can download the PDF from their download center here.

I came across the document when I read Vanessa Fox’s analysis of the document on Search Engine Land at Both are recommended reading but if you only have time for one – stick with Vanessa’a take.

And now I get to smile a bit as I have some “bad news” on Microsoft. They’re bribing Australian users to switch from Firefox back to IE with a contest for $10k. Basically, they have “hidden” some money on the web and are giving tips away on Twitter. The first to find it gets to keep the cash but it won’t work if you’re using Firefox.

My tip to Microsoft would be to just build a better browser and I’ll just switch. You don’t need to bribe me. 🙂

You can read more about the bribery on the Australian site at

And last but not least – the humor I promised you. So turn down your speakers or slap on your headphone (unless your at home in which case feel free to enjoy over your full surround system if you feel so inclined) and enjoy. The following is a clip from comedian Louis CK from his appearance on Conan O’Brien. You’ve got a very good grasp of this generation Louis. 🙂

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