SEO Help Wanted In Yellowstone

I received an interesting email from a woman in Yellowstone earlier today. The email contained an interesting request, they are hoping to find someone interested in performing SEO services on their PR6 site in exchange for some free time in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole and were wondering if we could help them find someone.

It was also indicated in their email that until now they have been using the services of SEO Paul Bruemmer, which left me completely unsurprised to find them on the first page for a number of related searches. I have read many of Paul’s articles and have a great deal of respect for his opinions, even when I may disagree with some of the analysis.

Based on this I replied that I wouldn’t try to help find a replacement for Paul as they were more likely to lose rankings than gain them, depending on who they got. From this Shelli (the woman who emailed the request) replied that they will still be employing Paul’s consulting services and that the SEO done will be based on his recommendations.

And so I decided that this was not only an opportunity to help out one of our visitors (which I always like to do) but also an opportunity to extend a great opportunity to our blog readers. If you are willing to perform SEO services (tweaking of the site and link building) in exchange for some time in Yellowstone you will have the great opportunity to work under the guidance of Paul Bruemmer. Quite honestly, this opportunity is worth it solely for the chance to pick up some quality information from one of the better SEO’s out there, consider the vacation a bonus.

The site in question is

If you are interested you can email Shelli at

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