SEO 101 – Basic Optimization Techniques

For those of you just getting your feet wet in SEO there’s a good article by fellow SEO Jim Hedger on that covers some of the basics of search engine optimization.

In the beginning of the article Jim notes that the article assumes a few things:

“The first assumption is a single, small business site is being worked on. The second assumption is that the site in question is written using a fairly standard mark-up language such as HTML or PHP. The last assumption is that some form of keyword research and determination has already taken place and the webmaster is confident in the selection of keyword targets.”

This is a good read for the beginner and may even give vetran SEO’s a little reminder that sometimes it’s important to keep it simple and remember the basics. A good reminder.

You can read the entire article at

If you find this article interesting you’ll probably also be interesting in the article “Anatomy Of An Internet Search Engine” written by Beanstalk which can ve viewed on our site.

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