SEM Kit 2.0 Released !!!

For a few years SitePoint (one of my favorite webmaster resource sites) has been offering the SEM Kit. Written by veteran SEO Dan Thies it gave a great breakdown of some of the key tactics and tools that every SEO should have at their fingertips. Since Dan stuck to the best practices, much of his work held true however, as with all things, there came a time when new information was required and an update was asked for. When SitePoint asked me to write the new version of the kit I was pleased to accept and, while it took many months and a lot of back-and-forths between myself and SitePoints Simon Mackie, the finished product is launched and now being sold for $197 on the SitePoint site.

But what do you get for $197?

Since people are paying for the kit I knew I couldn’t hold anything back. We get into keyword selection and onsite optimization. We discuss link building (including paid and reciprocal links), link baiting and much more. There are even interviews with some of the leading experts in the SEO community and links to all the main tools that should be a part of every SEO’s arsenal.

Basically, in version 2.0 I’ve outlined what I would do to get a site ranking in the search engines. That is, I outline what I’m willing to stand behind with our guarantee and that’s something.

But don’t be fooled …

SEO is not easy. If you’re expecting to flip through a book and run a couple tools and see your site rocket to the top of the results, think again. SEO is hard work, a lot of ongoing research, and too many hours spent looking for quality links. If you’re not willing to put in the time then don’t buy this kit! For some people it’s more realistic to hire an SEO firm, let them do what they do best and focus on what you do best. For others who either are up for the challenge or who have more time than money (and most of us have been there) then this kit will help you get started or, if you’re an SEO already, the kit includes many great templates to use in your business and likely some information you didn’t even think of.

You can read more about it (and download the first chapter free) on the SitePoint site at

Good luck and happy SEO’ing. 🙂

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