Searching Like A Pro

The latest article by Beanstalk’s Dave Davies (me) was published today. The article, titled, “Searching Like A Pro: Tips On Searching From An SEO” covers many ways to speed up and streamline the way you search to find more relevant results, faster.

Covering such areas as the cached pages, quotation marks and a number of specialized search functions it is sure to help make your online experience more enjoyable.

This article was inspired by odd statistics and a conversation with my father in which I realized that no matter how intelligent many people are, without 6+ years of experience and thousands upon thousands of queries run over that time, most people aren’t making use of the resources that are out there to help them find the best information in the least amount of time.

You can read the article in about 5 minutes and it may well save you countless hours of frustration. You can view the article on the Beanstalk site here.

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