Search Marketshare Numbers For October 2007

ComScore released it’s numbers for October and, oh my goodness, Google is up. In a rare turn of events the folks at Google appear to have won over some users, increasing their marketshare by 1.5%. The number now break down as follows:

  • Google showed a 1.5% gain from 57% markshare in September to 58.5%
  • Yahoo! realized a 0.8% loss going from 23.7% to 22.9%
  • Microsoft took losses (surprise surprise) going from 10.3% to 9.7%
  • Ask (YEAH !!!) held steady at 4.7%
  • The Time Warner Network lost 0.1% marketshare ending at 4.2%

Now, that said – it’s not as bad as it looks for the non-Google site. Let’s look at the number of searches conducted on each engine in the month of October which, overall, were up by 11.8%:

  • Google was up 14.8% with 6.151 billion searches in October over 5.356 billion searches in September
  • Yahoo! realized an 8% gain in total searches ending with 2.405 billion searches (up from 2.227 billion in September)
  • Microsoft showed gains in search number though more modest with a 5.6% increase in October going from 969 million searches to 1.023 billion
  • Like Google, Ask’s gains were in the double digits (and since I have a soft spot in my heart for Ask I’m happy to see this) jumping from 444 million searches in September to 491 million with a 10.7% gain in October
  • And the Time Warner Network gained 9.4% in search numbers going from 405 million to 443 million

You can read more on the ComScore site at

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