Screwed Up Day

It took a while for me to notice (about 5 or 6 minutes after getting in this morning) but Google’s SERPs are screwed up. It’s not the regular sort of screwed up I’ve referred to before where rankings are messy and the algorithm is “broken”. No, this time what I’m seeing just makes absolutely no sense.

My default homepage is the Google set of search results for seo services. Normally I see our site at #1 followed (or occasionally replaced) by WeBuildPages, Network Solutions and the usual suspects of the 51 million-or-so pages that show up. Today the rankings in the top 10 are about the same. A little bit of shuffling but nothing surprising – however the total number of pages dropped down to 3,270,000. Now Google datacenter (Note: link removed as it no longer works) shows 32 million pages which is a bit better but Yahoo! is showing 44 million. Isn’t Google the largest index?

Admittedly, I don’t think this is going to last for too long but it’s an odd update indeed that leads to such results. This is not the only phrase we’ve seen this for either. There are a wide array of phrases that are showing serious drops in the number of indexed pages on If I see anything come of this, I’ll be sure to post more info here however at this time I haven’t seem any top ranking sites booted due to this drop.

Now, speaking of odd things – below you’ll find a picture of Danny Sullivan. For those of you who don’t know – Danny is the godfather of SEO. I know, I once had a dream I was a black hat SEO and woke up with a horses head dancing around my monitor as the screensaver.

Needless to say, most SEO’s look up to Danny (with the exception of Doug Heil of course). And then we see a picture like this:

Credit where it’s due

Oh Danny Danny Danny … I had so much respect for you. 😉 Now I’ve gotta have more as it take kahunas to wear THAT in public. 😉 Hope the folks at BOTW bought you a drink or two or ten for that (or maybe it was a drink or two or ten BEFORE that 😉


To top off an odd day, I’m not sure what to make of GOOG. Yesterday I wrote that if the stock went up today I’d give a free link to my bud rumplepup as I got a link when I made him wrong so it only seemed fair. Well yesterday GOOG closed at $639.62 and it closed at $644.72 today so by that count I was wrong however my advice was to sell the stock first thing in the morning. Well, the stock opened at $654.56 and went down from there. So I was wrong on one count and right on another. What to do? What to do?

Oh to heck with it, he’s my buddy so I’ll go with being wrong. 🙂 So rumplepup, here’s a link to your skin care products (link removed – site no longer exists) site. While it doesn’t have a lot to do with SEO (with the exception of the fact that Robert Garcia (rumplepup) is a good SEO himself) I’m happy to link to the site. He’s a good guy and note, he has the HackerSafe logo. It’s a good thing to add to your site as well, great for conversions (even on our site and we don’t sell anything through ecommerce).

We have a review of HackerSafe complete with videos, etc. here. Might as well make the free link a worthwhile example for our visitors. 🙂

And on that note, have a great weekend all !!!

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