Russian Hackers Stockpile 1.2 Billion Internet Passwords

Silhouette of a hacker

As you may have heard, the internet is under attack… again. The New York Times reported yesterday that a Russian crime ring has stockpiled what may be the largest collection of hacked internet credentials to date. The article states that the information has been stolen from both large and small sites and may affect up to 1.2 billion unique records.

There have been some valid questions raised by other news agencies that the company who would benefit the most from the revelation is Hold Security, the firm responsible for providing the data in the article, as they charge a fee for sites looking to confirm if their sensitive information is included in the database of hacked credentials.

The security of personal information is quickly becoming a major issue for websites and not one that is easily fixed. For now, we not only recommend you change your passwords, but use a variety among the services you subscribe to. We’ll have more on the topic of internet security for you in tomorrow’s Friday featured post.

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