Robin Williams On Golf

Periodically we at Beanstalk like to end the week and enter the weekend with a chuckle. On these Fridays we like to leave you with a humerous post to enter your weekend with. Today is just one of those days. 🙂

Some time ago I found a short clip of Robin Williams on Golf. Well I’ve found it again and after a viewing and a few solid chuckles I decided it was definitely a good candidate for a fun, though completely SEO unrelated, blog post.

The clip comes from “Robin Williams Live on Broadway”. Almost as funny as his comments on golf is the vast number of water bottles the man goes through in a performance. 🙂

I feel it’s only responsible to note that while this clip is very funny there are a few instances of a word the rhymes with “truck”. If this won’t bother you I highly recommend watching:

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