RIP Jack Layton

While I try only to post SEO and Internet Marketing related events here in our blog I’m going to skip doing so today.  My temptation was to skip today’s blog post altogether however I wanted to take a moment to recognize the deceased leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party.

Jack Layton died earlier today after a battle with prostate cancer.  His contribution to Canadian politics was extremely high, taking the NDP from a few measly seats to becoming the official opposition and taking ridings they had, until then, never had access to.

I find it unlikely that his legacy will live on after the next election and the New Democratic Party (assuming all goes as I expect) will be once again reduced to the third place party behind the Conservatives and Liberals but his name will live on in Canadian political history as one of our most charismatic leaders.

No matter what side of the political spectrum you may be on,one has to know that this is a blow to the overall political well-being of the nation.  He was a good opposition leader (albeit not for long enough) and he will be missed.  The New Democratic party will now have to select a new leader and I hope they choose well.

While I personally have no specific alliances to any of the major parties in Canada, I do appreciate leaders across the board who represent the interests of their constituents and who fight for the beliefs they were elected to whether I personally agree or not.  It’s rare to find such a leader and a shame to lose them like this.

Mr. Layton:  you will be missed by an appreciative nation.

For more information you can read about his contribution to Canadian politics at

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