Rest in Peace Steve Jobs



Steve Jobs was a hero for me as a child. I have stacks of old Macintosh magazines from back when I was a deep fan of everything Apple. Steve Jobs, even back then, was someone people would look up to and respect, and reading interviews with him was always a pleasure.

Even Rob Janoff, the logo wizard that fashioned the Apple logo, Fedex, VW, and more, working with leaders at the top of all those companies, made a special comment about working with Steve Jobs and how much of a visionary he was.

I’m sure there’s some SEO discussion to be had surrounding the passing of such a man/contribution to the world of computers, but all I’d like to do is say ‘Thanks’ for everything he shared with us and hopefully Steve’s finally getting some well deserved rest in peace. You won’t be forgotten Mr.Jobs.

Dave’s note:

And just to put an exclamation mark on the impact Jobs had on culture, here’s the revolutionary video that aired at the Superbowl in 1984:

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