Quotes, Wikiality & Google

As it’s a Friday I thought I’d leave you with something on the lighter side to take you into the weekend. First, a “quote of the day” brought to me by Frederick Townes of W3 EDGE Web Design who mentioned in an MSN chat, “the good news is the best business is done with your back against the wall.” A very good quote and too often true.

The humor of the day is brought to us by one Mr. Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report. As I sit an eat lunch I’ll often paroose Spiked Humor for some interesting tid-bits of useless entertainment. Having chuckled at The Colbert Report last night I decided to search for some clips by him and low-and-behold there were many. I’ve posted a clip by Colbert in the past from back when he was with The Daily Show. He did a great piece on blogging and bloggers. Well in this clip he takes a shot at Wikipedia (note: even in my “useless entertainment mode” I’m a geek 🙂 When you’ve got 4 minutes and 15 seconds to kill (might I suggest during lunch) it should add a few chuckles to your day. You can view the clip on the Spiked Humor website here (Link removed – no longer available).

And now for Google. To keep things light, even on this front, today we will be taking a peek at perhaps one of the most ludicrous lawsuits launched against Google. There’s a full article on the lawsuit written by Jennifer Laycock on the Search Engine Guide website. To summarize it, Theresa B. Bradley from BRAVA Corp is suing Google because she acted stupidly. If only that’s the way it really worked Darwin’s theories who be shot to heck. 😉 You can read the article and find more links to the full details on the Search Engine Guide website here.

Now go and have a good weekend. 🙂

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