Promoting Online Sales …. Offline.

Difficult is the task of promoting a website and specifically website sales in the offline world. Affiliate marketing companies have long tried to bridge the gap by offering discount codes and the such however it’s never worked out well with low conversions and disgruntled affiliates who aren’t at all confident they’re being paid for the traffic they’re sending.

A new service being offered by GTP Financial Services Incorporated is the first solid bridge I’ve encountered and wins my “should have been thought of ages ago but it just never occurred to me” prize. Their “Affiliate Cash Card” (link removed – site no longer exists) provides cards and an infrastructure by which a company can give out a “gift card” either directly or to affiliates which can then be given to potential customers in the “real world” to provide a discount, free month of subscription, etc. Once the code on the card is entered the account is automatically credited and the visitor automatically directed to the desired site/page. For affiliate marketing, the affiliate’s account is automatically credited with the signup making this a seamless and trusted solution.

I always enjoy seeing creative solutions to website-related marketing problems and GTP has hit a home run with this one. Congratulations to the GTP team, I’m sure you’ll reap some good success from this one.

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