Presentations, Patents, and Panic

Google Docs adds 450 new Fonts, themes, and image import options:
I tried making a normal document which gave me a chance to see some of the great new fonts:

Google Docs New Fonts

… but it crashed on saving and now we can’t use Google Docs because the servers are flooded with people trying out the new fonts!

If only I hadn’t already used that face palm image too much.. Oh wait! I can see the new presentation themes and they have a LCARS theme?!

So we’ll have to come back to this later on when the service isn’t packed full of people checking things out. 😉

Motorola’s Mobility division wins in Germany against Microsoft

Just when you thought you were done with the ironic face palming?

Apple and Microsoft’s heavy handed patent abuse forced Google to buy Motorola’s Mobility division, and now Microsoft is scrambling to avoid insane fines or a complete ban on sales of Windows 7 and XBox 360 consoles in Germany because they clearly infringe on H.264 video encoding and playback patents owned by Motorola.

Microsoft has two remaining strategies left to save them, and neither are that great.

Microsoft themselves have calculated that if they were to pay the licensing demands set forward by Motorola they would have to pay $4 billion per year, a figure that Motorola has already dismissed as incorrect.

If Microsoft can get a judge to accept their math as correct they could try to appeal the decision on the grounds that such excessive fees would violate Motorola’s Frand obligations. This is a bit hollow in terms of legal defence because the Frand-commitment is simply:
a promise to licence innovations deemed critical to widely-used technologies under “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory” terms

A rebel muscles in

The other strategy is appealing to Motorola’s humanities with statements like this:

..we are confident that Motorola will eventually be held to its promise to make its standard essential patents available on fair and reasonable terms for the benefit of consumers who enjoy video on the web

Yep, Microsoft wants Motorola to ‘do the right thing for the consumers’ like some professional shot-putter standing in the middle of a glass window manufacturing plant.

Google’s Fiber Causes Fear for MPAA

Fiber Optic

Typical of Hollywood, any advancement that could be used to unseat the unnecessary roadblocks between consumers and entertainment must be met with fear vs. evolution.

Google is currently laying down fiber optic cables in Kansas City that will bring tornado like speeds of over 900 Megabit downloads to houses and businesses in the area.

While most people are very happy with this advancement, the MPAA is ducking for cover fearing the worst for it’s industry if even more people have even easier access to downloadable content while they have yet to make a system that can handle selling said content.

It could just be me, but if they spent less time hiding under the bed with Toto, and got to work building a system that makes piracy less tempting, they would welcome faster internet access?

Considering that the MPAA had to refer to South Korea’s high speed internet as an example of how fast internet access impacts a film industry, literally taking the long walk for the short drink of water, we’re doubting they will do much more than ‘remark’ on the potential for piracy, but even that seems really disappointing.

This wraps up the week of face palming for me; Hopefully next week we’ll be able to cover some more ‘positive’ stories and show off a bit more of the new Google Docs features!

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