PR Prowler On Sale

For those of you who are regular visitors to our blog you’ll know that there are some tools we recommend for anyone interested in ranking their websites. These tools range from keyword density analyzers to stats analysis tools. Well one such tool is on sale for 3 days ending on Tuesday the 24th and that tool is PR Prowler.

I’m not going to get into a huge explanation of how this software works as their site does a better job that I could in a short blog post however I will note this, I first purchased the software for the $97 it generally sells for and found it paid for itself on the first run. Due to some “tax issues” the developer is selling it for $37 until Tuesday.

This is a highly recommended tool to add to your arsenal. It aids in virtually every aspect of link building and dramatically cuts down the time required in this area by maximizing every hour spent on it.

You won’t find the deal on the PR Prowler site however there’s a special page up at (formerly linked to: “”) where it can be purchased at this price.

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