PageRank Update

There is currently a Google PageRank update underway. While the PageRank value itself is updated on-the-fly in regards to Google’s calculation of rankings, about once every 3 months they push the new values to the toolbar to let us all take a peek. Today is that day.

As of this writing the new values seem to be visible only to those on the west coast. In chatting with a business partner (Frederick Townes from W3 EDGE Web Design in Boston) he was unable to see the new values whereas I can see them here in Canada and they are also visible off a server we run in California.

So watch you values over the next day or so.

What this also means is that there should be an algorithm update some time in the next week-or-so. Generally Google does an algorithm update shortly after the PageRank push. There have been exceptions but this is the general timeline. Usually in these updates the aging delays on sites and links are lightened (read: the links you’ve built gain in value due to history) plus other aspects which only Google knows until they’re out.

Keep watching the Beanstalk blog for more news on this update as it occurs.

Add on info:

Because there are many on the East Coast who still can’t see the new PageRank numbers I went on a bit of a hunt and re-found a neat tool (now added to my Bookmarks 🙂 that searches multiple datacenters and draws the PageRank’s they are showing. If you visit the site, enter in your URL you’ll see how far the new numbers have spread.

If you see some with your current PR and others with a different number, well – obviously it’s the new ones that are propagating.

You can find this neat tool at removed)

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