Oracle Blames Google for Android

Oracle recently had the nerve to try and essentially guilt trip Google into putting it’s pockets on the line for the entire Android community. The implication is that if Google doesn’t take a responsible lead in paying license fees that Google is essentially “throwing the Android user base and licensees under the bus!?” It’s almost as if they are presuming the general public is unaware of Oracle’s track record and the fact that they will likely continue to take legal actions in a “cash grab” fashion regardless of what Google does. I seriously feel the problem here is that the internet public does not understand what “Android” really is or it’s roots.
Android not Google

  • Android is NOT Google. (Suddenly I long for a blinking text markup tag!)
  • Google simply owns the Trademark because they purchased Android, Inc.

Android is produced/developed by the Open Handset Alliance which Google is a part of and dedicates development staff to. Android is open source and available through AOSP(Android Open Source Project). Yes, there are some closed source portions which are provided by Google, but those are not a part of Android, The Android Open Source Project, or developed by the OHA. I found this direct quote on the topic from a fellow who is employed by Google:

“Android is the Open Handset Alliance’s mobile software platform.” -Jason Chen.

There are countless companies that have developers contributing to AOSP including some very big commercial names like eBay. No one would claim that an eBay application is a component of the Android OS or that it is open source by association. The same is true of the Google Apps and contributions.

Google states clearly in replies to Oracle’s challenges that each device from phones to tablets can run different code and that Oracle, if they are so inclined, should prove what level of infringement has occurred before anything can proceed. Oracle’s response that they have 400 pages of references, and that should be plenty, is a joke if the 400 pages are pointless and irrelevant to the actual infringements.

Heck, I personally dabble with Android OS on a virtual PC, so am I causing legal hassles for Google by running an open source OS they contribute to? How ridiculous is that concept? Oracle can kiss Google’s rosy behind, that’s the most they deserve IMHO.

post by Ryan Morben – Beanstalk Inc.

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