Optimization is the Resin, Link Popularity is the Catalyst

While doing my daily rounds of the various SEO resources I feel are worth visiting I ran across an article on the ISEDB website discussing the importance of incoming links and whether the full SEO efforts should be put in this area. The article is written by Ross Dunn, owner of StepForth, and begins with a quote from an email:

“We have been told by an SEO consultant that, once the number of inbound links becomes significant, this rather than any SEO optimisation of the site itself dictates ranking for search terms. How true? If so, it implies that, to make any changes in rankings and search terms, we need to devote effort to links and link text from appropriate sites (authority etc). It implies time spent on adjusting title tags, keyword density etc, is fruitless.” Paul C.

Ross goes on to describe extremely well how these two factors come into play and how neither can be ignored. He uses the following analogy:

Are you familiar with two-part epoxies? Essentially they are two chemicals (the Resin and the Catalyst) that when mixed becomes glue. Apart they are nothing but smelly chemicals but together they become powerful. This analogy is very apt for describing the benefits of link building and optimization:

  • Link building alone will perhaps get you a competitive ranking but it can take a long time.
  • Optimization alone may also get you a ranking but in my experience rankings rarely ‘stick’ without some popularity thrown in; in fact if your rankings bounce around a lot it is fair to guess that you may not have enough inbound links.

The ultimate solution is to combine the two and make them both work to improve rankings.

I could go into more detail here but why don’t you just read the article for yourself. 🙂 You can do so on the ISEDB website at http://www.isedb.com/db/articles/1551/.

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