On A Lighter Note …

I definitely don’t want to push down the previous post on “How People Search” published just scant monets ago however we do like to keep it interesting here. If you haven’t read the article by Chris Sherman on search behaviour scroll down a bit further or click here for more info.

That said, as a geek and an avid reader of the Dilbert comic strip which I receive every day to my Inbox, I simply felt the need to publish today’s strip here as an unnamed family member recently insisted on keeping me on the phone with them while dealing with a similar issue to that covered.

And so for them and for any of you who have ever been frustrated by your computer’s security (or perhaps, lack thereof) this is for you.

Note: while I couldn’t get through to get formal permission for the use of this image I’m going to take the same approach as I insist others use when republishing our SEO articles and provide due credit (above and left on the image) and an active hyperlink to the Dilbert website.

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