Oh Vancouver … Why Oh Why

Back at SES Chicago 2007 I had the great fortune of attending a Blackhawks vs Canucks hockey game with one Mr. David Dalka. It was a great game and given that I’m from Canada about 20 miles from Vancouver – it was made better by witnessing the Canucks walk all over Chicago (though admittedly, I didn’t want to cheer too much in hostile territory 🙂

Well I got an email from David a couple weeks back basically taunting me with the crushing I was about to receive as they went head-to-head in the playoffs. Of course I had to respond back with my own challenge and taunt given that the Canucks had done so very well right before my eyes in front of a visitor audience. And alas – I was wrong and so here I publicly note that David, you were right and I was wrong. The Blackhawks are a better team than the Canucks (as a note – I don’t really believe it – I just have to say this as he would have had to if the Canucks had won). 🙂

Anyways David, thank you for making the series more entertaining than it would have been had I not feared your taunts. Even though I now have to hate you until the Canucks show what a real Canadian hockey team can do I wish you every luck in your executive search marketing management consulting business and hope to sit next to you as the Canucks crush your team again in the future. 😉

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