Now You’re A “Brilliant Shopper”

Recently launched “Brilliant Shopper” is a new kind of search engine. Just lauched (and still in beta) this engine makes finding a researching products much easier.

Created by vetrans of Disnet, AskJeeves and IBM Brilliant Shopper is slated to hold it’s official launch on Wednesday. This search engine operates as an interesting combination of engine and quasi-directory (based on search queries) giving it a unique “flavor” and providing useful related links in the left hand navigation based on the search entered.

While I’m not entirely sold on the results provided at this time this is definitely an engine to watch due to the influence of it’s founders and also the direction it could go provided that the owners do not get overly distracted with corporate sponsorship and ruin an otherwise good idea by providing the same results as a PPC engine.

If you’re interested in previewing this unique “evolution” in search engines you can visit their website at ( link removed – resource no longer exists.)

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