Not SEO News But Still Good

I’m just discovered a great little tool. While this tool won’t help you with you’re rankings it may save you some headaches (it did for me) and best of all … it’s free. 🙂

If you’ve ever had a file that you needed to email to someone but found it to be too large (the family vacation video for example) then this is the tool for you. Developed by the same folks that brough us the File4Ward remote PC access software (the tool that allows one to access their computer easily and securely and have files from it emailed to any email address (handy when you’ve forgotten an important file on your home computer that you need to that important meeting in 10 minutes or if you’re travelling and forgot to bring home something from your work computer).

Well now they’ve developed this tool to let you send large files to others. What it does is uploads the file to their server securely (you can even password protect the file if you wish) and then emails the recipient with the download link (you’ll have to contact them with the password if applied, that’s what makes it secure). You can use this tool (it’s online so don’t forget to add it to your favorites) by visiting their site at Large Files

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