No Need For Coffee – Caffeine Is Here

As of this morning we were starting to see Caffeine results off at least one Google Datacenter. Last week we reported that we’d let you know as soon as we started seeing Caffeine results and where that location is. Interestingly – it is out of a location that contains one of our servers – Seattle. The IP is

Now the interesting thing is that on SE Roundtable they’re reporting (and confirmed by users there) that the IP is

The results appear in-and-out right now and to make things more confusing – they may be moving as a client of ours can confirm seeing different (Caffeine-like results) out of Florida (no confirmed IP though).

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we find out more.

Good luck and may the SERPs be with you.

And Google Breadcrumbs:

Another big story came out of Google yesterday (but just hit my radar earlier today) and that is the announcement by Google that they are testing showing site breadcrumbs in place of URLs below the description in the SERPs. The illustration they used was:

Their belief is that this provides more information to the searcher when compared with the traditional results:
These results aren’t displaying in my location so I can’t test them (this isn’t worth quite the same effort as tracking down Caffeine servers) but on the surface – I like the breadcrumb results and I do think that once the average searcher figures out how to read them to determine the results that most closely match their search intent.

In short – it’s not revolutionary but it is interesting and I hope it works out.

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