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Alright, I just realized that I’ve been missing some press releases from comScore over the past week (caught in filter) and of course – that’s when all the news comes in. Here’s a summary of what the stats are saying this week:

December 13, 2007:
Between the dates of November 1 to December 11, more than $20 billion was spent online showing a whopping 19% increase over last year. eBay has coined the second Monday of December as Green Monday (it is the heaviest online spending day of the season) and this year showed retailers $881 million in love, up 33% over last year and setting the record as the heaviest online spending day in history.

December 16, 2007:
The week of the 9th to the 15th marks the heaviest spending date of the season (likely) with $4.7 billion in sales showing a 22% increase over last year.

Today (December 19, 2007):
Top 50 Websites released. Comscore’s report of the top 50 website rankings is released. And here are the results:

  1. Yahoo! sites: 136,180,000 uniques
  2. Google sites – 131,538,000 uniques
  3. Microsoft Sites – 119,194,000 uniques
  4. Time Warner Network – 119,084,000 uniques
  5. Fox Interactive Media – 81,325,000 uniques
  6. eBay – 80,510,000 uniques
  7. Amazon Sites – 59,058,000 uniques
  8. Wikipedia sites – 55,157,000 uniques
  9. Ask Network – 51,636,000 uniques
  10. New York Times Digital – 47,997,000 uniques

And for the rest of the list you’ll just have to read their press release ont he topic (there’s lots of other interesting figures in there as well) at

You can view their other press releases at

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