New SEO Tool Launches

Many moons ago I raved about a tool called PR Prowler. A great tool in it’s time for finding quality backlinks quickly and significantly reducing the time that offsite optimization takes and the benefits it delivers. We’ve continued to use this tool over the years however as time goes by you learn to want more-and-more from the tools you use.

Well – a big thanks to Shawn for listening to what we asked and launching a new version named Page Prowler that addresses all of our “can you add” requests. The new version digs deeper into the analysis side providing more detailed information about the links you’re looking for to save you even more time and help you weed through all the possibilities quickly and easily.

I’ve already got my copy and we’ll be adding it to our link building arsenal.

Once we’ve used it a while longer you can count on a full review but in the meantime you can check out the Page Prowler site for more details. Good luck and happy link hunting.

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