Neil Patel On Digging

When one thinks of Internet marketing’s rockstars the list is fairly short. Rand Fishkin, Matt Cutts, Neil Patel and a notable few others. These are the people that have not only made a splash based on their skills but have also become the voices and faces of the industry. For this reason above most, I love publishing news on them (always good for some traffic) and good for the health of the Beanstalk blog (good quality information).

Well I discovered today on the site that Neil Patel is giving away the secrets to becoming an expert Digger. For those of you who don’t know, a Digger is one who uses the social bookmarking site Digg. Due to it’s popularity, experts are those who can also use Digg to generate large volumes of traffic for their clients. Neil is such a person and is the face most closely associated with social media marketing and today he’s put out a video explaining how to do it yourself. I won’t bother describing the content, it’s only 2 minutes and 51 seconds. You can watch it below: (Video removed – no longer available)

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