Need A Jolt Of Caffeine ???

For those of you not yet aware, Google has been testing a new algo/infrastructure nicknamed Caffeine. Until a few days ago the general public had a location to go to to watch and monitor how their sites would fare on the Caffeine system. That location has been pulled and it’s been announced that the new system is tested, working, and will be rolled out – though not until after the holidays.

While the fine folks at Google have tested Caffeine, they obviously don’t want to be subjected to the same kind of backlash they received in the Florida update of 2003 when sites and pages were dropped from the index and spam ruled the results right through the holiday season.

In a few days time they will roll out Caffeine on a single datacenter and pull data and stats from a small percentage of the general public. The full launch will occur sometime in early 2010. When we have the location of the datacenter we’ll be sure to let you know. 🙂

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