MSN Launches Paid Search Service

MSN yesterday (sorry for the slight delay in the notification) announced the launch of their paid search service in France and Singapore following successful pilot projects in both countries. The program is set to launch in the US in October though with a limited number of advertisers.

From the release it appears as though the MSN program will provide for some fantastic analysis and reporting tools. By their word they will provide:

  • Keyword Selection allows advertisers to indicate whom they want
    to reach based on geographic location, gender, age range, time of day and
    day of week, and suggests keywords based on the desired audience.
  • Site Analyzer assists advertisers by suggesting keywords based on
    the content of their Web site, rather than on another keyword.
  • Audience Profiler provides advertisers with an expected profile
    of those customers who are most likely to search for specific keywords.
  • Cost Estimator helps advertisers remain within their budget by estimating
    rank, traffic and cost per month per keyword.
  • Campaign Optimization allows advertisers to respond quickly and
    decisively throughout the campaign to easily refine budget allocations and
    keywords, as well as apply targeting filters such as geographic, demographic
    and dayparting.
  • Post Sales Audience Intelligence & Reporting provides advertisers
    with detailed reports on campaign performance and audiences reached including
    click-through rate, estimated position and spending levels.

You can read more information in MSN’s press release at There’s also a very good article and analysis by SEO Jennifer Laycock on the SearchEngineJuide website at

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