Moz Study Shows Google’s Quick Answer Box Showing More Often In SERPs

Google Answer Box Vegan Search Query

A recent Moz tracking study revealed that Google’s new “Quick Answer” box is showing up a little more often in the search results. How much is a little? Oh, you know… about 98%… just a smidge. Moz’s own Dr. Pete reports that the measurement included all manner of answer boxes including; stock quotes, weather forecasts, box score, and direct answers, etc.

This practice has had most SEOs and SEMs in an uproar as technically Google is scraping content shown in these answer boxes, thereby denying the site that originated the content the SERP click, time onsite and possible internal site navigation to alternate pages by providing a quick and easy answer.

Dr. Pete performed an experiment which suggests outdated answer box information is not updated in any real-time capacity. A post which he had done on Google’s earnings, displayed outdated answer box information, quoting statistics from 2010. After adding, updating, and removing the content in various stages to reflect updated statistics, he determined after a 2 month window (with no changes being reflected in the answer box) that the material being pulled may be from some sort of knowledge vault.

One of the search giant’s mantras is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” I’m sure that most users would agree the possibility of providing outdated facts may not be the highest measure of usefulness to your visitors.

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