More Updating Down … More Sure To Come

The forum’s are abuzz with the lastest Google update. Early indicators (as noted in the forums by some generally respected posters) are that this update puts a lot more weight on the number of links vs. the actual anchor text.

This move is being blasted on the forums as a move towards rewarding big budgets and big companies. While this does certainly positivly affect the ability for larger companies with larger budgets to attain top rankings it also follows the overall philosophy of links. The more links you have to your site the more vites, the more votes the more popular and thus, the higher you should rank.

Could it be, I would ask those who are complaining, that Google has caught on that as SEo’s we’re running out and building a ton of well optimized text links SOLELY to get higher ranking thus undermining the value of the democracy of links? Links with varying anchor text undoubtedly appear more natural to Google and thus, sites with varying anchor text pointing to their site are being rewarded.

I have not at this time had the opportunity to fully analyze the current algorithm however, I would speculate that this is not the last we’re going to be seeing of Google shifts this month. We’ve still yet to see the PageRank and backlink updates so there’s surely more to come.

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If you’d like more inoformation on this update and just can’t wait until we post again you may want to check out the thread on the WebProWorld forum on the topic at (Note: link removed as the page no longer exists).

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