More Updates?

Well the SEO community is “abuzz” with what appears to be more fluctuations on Google. The Jagger Update it appears is over but there’s definitely tweaking going on to the algorithm over at the Googleplex with sites moving up and down with more frequency than would naturally occur in the eb and flow of the web and websites.

Yahoo! too it appears has been working on their algorithm and has applied and update. While there is reasonable argument on both sides I personally believe that Yahoo! too has a sandbox (read: aging delay) and it appears that for some sites it has been lightened.

If your site was one of those the suffered under the Jagger Update and you’re using ethical SEO tactics my advice is to not panic and to stay the course. There are sure to be more tweaks to come. The only Beanstalk client to notice any real losses in Jagger 3 is recovering during these tweaks and there’s certainly more to come as the sp@m that is showing up in the results is filtered out. While Jagger 3 did a good job to provide relevant results for a large array of phrases there appears to be an increase in poor results in other areas. They are sure to address this in the near future.

As always, you’ll want to keep your eyes on the Beanstalk blog and/or use our RSS Feed (link at the top of the right-hand navigation) to keep updated on Google, updates, and SEO in general.

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