More Good News From Bing

Alright – I’m actually starting to get tired of reporting on good news from Bing and there’s now a part of my looking forward to slamming them for some stupid mistake they’re making but today is not that day. For anyone who’s followed the Beanstalk blog you’ll know that thus far I’ve been very impressed with Bing and the first successful attempt Microsoft has made in challenging Google. It’s been successful tot he point where Google is actually paying close attention and responding to what’s going on.

Rumor has it (as reported in the New York Post article “Fear Grips Google“) that “[Google] co-founder Sergey Brin is so rattled by the launch of Microsoft’s rival search engine that he has assembled a team of top engineers to work on urgent upgrades to his Web service.” Really? Do they fear Bing THAT much? Their sudden launch of their “Explore Google Search” page might indicate that they’re playing catchup. As Danny Sullivan points out however – Google is constantly launching new features and tools so this *may* be a coincidence of timing. I agree that they were likely working on it previously however the timing sure is suspicious.

And to make matters “worse” for Google – The folks over at Microsoft earlier today announced the launch of new malware filters that go beyond their “Drive-By-Detection” systems and adds additional detection that Doug Caverly of refers to as “Ahead-Of-The-Curve” filtering. As security and safety are (and should be) huge concerns and as Google battled this very issue just a few month’s back.

To top things off, our friends over at (remember them?) is now indexing over 300 million questions and answers from numerous sources to provide what they consider to be a great database that sorts through the generic clutter of the web and get people the answers they need if only they “Ask” (my pun – not theirs so you can blame me for the cheese). I know my eldest son will just love this as he’s always using Yahoo! Answers for video game tips (yes – we’re all geeks in my house) but he prefers using as an engine so I know he’ll be happy when I get home and tell him about this launch.

And on the note of clutter on the web, I’m going to end this post with what I consider to be a very humorous ad by none other than Bing (them again?). It plays on this very thing.
(ironically I’ll be drawing the video from YouTube – a Google property)

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