Microsoft Softening Attacks On Competitors?

Microsoft and Yahoo! yesterday announced a landmark agreement that will help consumers by making the two major IM systems (MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger) interoperable.

This marks the first real cooperation Microsoft has undergone with a major search competitor since launching MSN search. But are they softening their stance on competitors?

In this SEO’s opinion the answer is a resounding “no”. There is an old Arabian proverb that reads, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And Google is definitely the one to beat on by both involved here.

To be sure, the agreement simply allows for users of the different IM systems to communicate, the real loser is services like Trillian that were created to allow connectivity to the various systems through a single interface.

Will we see more of these types of agrements in the future? Undoubtedly. As long as Google is developing relationships with major corporations to advance thier reach such as the one with Sun Microsystems you can count on Microsoft doing the same.

You can read the press release of this announcement on the Microsoft site here.

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