Microsoft Catching Up But Not On

Microsoft recently (late last week) announced the launch of it’s new toolbar complete with “Tabbed Browsing”. For those of you not familiar with tabbed browsing, essentially this toolbar will allow you to have multiple websites open in a single browser interface (Internet Explorer) which you can then switch back-and-forth to by clicking on tabs at the top of your browser window.

This feature has been available through Firefox since it’s inception.

While I’ll be the first to admit that tabbed browsing is a fantastic addition, the version available through the MSN toolbar (which can be downloaded from will never hold the versatility of Firefox as the Firefox browser is entirely opensource meaning that anyone with a good idea to add can create an enhancement that adds new and unique functionality to the tabbing and to the browser in general.

I’m happy to see Microsoft finally catching up but they’re still not catching on, we want the new features first and we want them better – we don’t want to be given an inferior copy of a great idea months after we’ve found it elsewhere.

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