Metro Fax Wins Points With Beanstalk

Technology is a wonderful thing … until it doesn’t work.

When you’re business is dependent on a fax machine to be functioning (getting signed contracts is handy) and it’s not it can be, shall we say, inconvenient (not the word I was using at the time but this is a corporate blog so we’ll stick with “inconvenient”). Well a big thanks goes out to Metro Fax for coming to our rescue.

Mark over at Metro Fax Internet fax services became aware of our predicament and a few minutes later, without asking, I received an email confirming that I had an account, the number to use, and instructions on how to use it. Thus far it’s worked smoothly and signed contracts are going out (and more importantly, coming in).

I’ll of course be keeping their services past the emergency period they were kind enough to give us in a pinch. Cheaper than a dedicated fax line and, as far as I’m concerned, superior in that I always have a backup copy in my email folders.

So once again, a great big thanks for Mark from Metro Fax Internet Fax Services. You get to be my hero for the day !!!

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