Merry Christmas Chuckle

Everyone at Beanstalk would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. As we settle into the weekend and subsequent holiday (yeah, we get a day off !!!) I’ll be taking some time to think about the past year and what’s coming in 2007. It’s been an interesting year for Beanstalk and for the search engine world in general. For those who are interested, on next Thursday’s Webmaster Radio Jim Hedger and I will be discussing the past year and making predictions for 2007. Definitely worth tuning in at 5PM EST.

But where’s the chuckle?

As promised in the title of this post we’ll be closing off here with a VERY funny page on the SEOmoz website (gotta love that Rand). On the page they’ve created a very funny comic (for us SEO geeks anyways) out of pictures from the Chicago SES conference. Our good friend Neil Patel from Pronet Advertising is a feature in the comic so I was won over.

When you’ve for a few minutes for a good chuckle be sure to visit

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