Matthew Rankin: Yer Tickin’ Me Off

It’s not too often I use our blog as a public whipping post but today is such a day. And today’s target, Webmaster and owner of PPC engine (URL purposly not hyperlinked for obvious reasons) Matthew Rankin.

Now, why would I come out and name a person and a site that are ticking me off? Because he’s stealing from us, that’s why. Basically since the time we first started publishing articles and I’ve been tracking where they’re being picked up I’ve seen the name Matthew Rankin noted as the writer of our works. Today I again came across an article titled, “Choosing Effective Keywords” and when I visited it I found that it was exactly the same as the first of our 10-part SEO series Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website: Step One – Choosing The Right Keywords“.

I’ve emailed the publishers in the past and many have changed the reference or removed the article(s) however it’s just become too big a job to keep up with. I’m sure he’s stolen from others too. I can’t be that special. 😉

So Matthew Rankin: you’ve managed to tick me off and get yourself a special, personal mention in our blog. Unfortunately it’s more in line with Steve Wilson than Jim Hedger.

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