Matt Cutts On The PageRank Update

As any SEO will tell you, reading Matt Cutts’ blog is a great way to spend the time you’d otherwise waste just eating. Well I spent my lunch “break” today doing just that and am certainly glad I did. The post I found most useful from the past couple days was on the PageRank update that’s currently underway. I was a bit surprised to realize that the datacenters I’m seeing were a bit behind and the update was first detected back on the second.

At any rate, on his blog Matt discusses this update and PageRank in general. While there’s not a lot of new info there (he does work for Google after all, exactly how much do we expect him to give away 😉 there are some great answers to many of the most commonly asked questions, and all in one place. 🙂

And as one commenter noted: a post like this one is a great example of link baiting (as read about in our previous post on Andy Hagans article on the subject. And like that example, Matt’s efforts here too will be rewarded with a link as this is highly recommended reading for the novice and a good reminder and clarification for the experts out there. You can read what Matt Cutts has to say about PageRank here.

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