Matt Cutts On A New Black Hat SEO Method

There was an interesting post on the SiteProNews blog today by editor Jim Hedger. The post chronicles an interview between Google Software Engineer Matt Cutts and Vanessa Fox, Product Manager for Google Webmaster Tools.

In the interview Matt discusses a new method that black hatters have at their disposal (or at least, did until very recently). This method uses a CGI script to determine who is entering the site (human or Googlebot) and if it’s Google, displays links to a specified domain (in the example used it was a series of adult sites).

In a chat just moments ago with Jim he indicated that perhaps there was more to the story regarding the SEO firm named in the interview. I couldn’t get too many details out of him but there will be more to the story coming soon on the SiteProNews blog.

To keep updated on what Jim has discovered you can visit the SiteProNews blog or visit us here again soon. As soon as we hear work that the next post is ready and the news is out you can be sure we’ll make mention of it. 🙂

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