Mark Joyner On Webmaster Radio

As our regular readers will know, I host a show every Thursday with Jim Hedger on Webmaster Radio. Today we discussed a few alternative engines that I like including:

  • – they give 50% of all their prifits to charity and are the fastest growing engine in the UK.
  • – an interesting take on job search engines that require people looking for job to post one they know about before they can search.
  • – a very interesting shopping engine with a great product ranking system.
  • – A search engine for people 50-100. This is the only engine where you’ll find “jobs after retirement” as the #2 most searched phrase and “sex” at #10.

We then discussed the new proposed Internet Freedom Preservation Act which helps protect net neutrality. This is important news for anyone with a website. This cross-party act seeks to protect us from having the major Telcos offer competitive advantages to those with bigger wallets regarding how all those 1’s and 0’s move around the ‘net.

And Then Mark Joyner

It was after our news segment that Jim and I had the privalege of chatting with Mark Joyner, Internet Marketing guru and, as we found out, all-round good guy.

While I expected and prepped for an interview based more on the functional aspects of Internet Marketing and his rise to the top, we spent more time discussing how to better your life and the lives of those around you, him military past and some new offering he’s providing to help him fund his philanthropic endeavors.

His new course (free) offers a variety of tips on how to be more effective. As I discovered in watching the first couple lessons: a lot of it istuff you do or should know – you’ve just learned to ignore the obvious (I know, I do too).

A lot of what he says makes a lot of sense and while every person’s opinion is just that (their opinion) the free courses are definitely worth the time to watch (and hey, at that price all you stand to lose is an hour of your life and that’s if you watch them all).

Here are some links from My. Joyner:

So it was a big show. I would highly recommend giving it a listen (it will be posted on the Webmaster Radio site sometime tomorrow).

As an aside:

And in other news, there has been a Google update for existing sites (sites with PR0 will not find increases). This appears to be an updating of internal pages more than a full-blown update. We have not noticed much in the way of ranking changes.

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