Live From San Jose

I’m sitting in my hotel room in beautiful (and incredibly warm) San Jose. I decided to take a moment away from going over my presentation on Personalization to write a quick blog post with a big thank you to all those that made the first night in San Jose a fun one.

Today’s lineup of sessions looks to be entertaining and informative. Unfortunately I won’t be attending any from the morning as I’m much more comfortable speaking on the phone, in person and on the radio and I expect that for the next few hours I’m going to feel ill in preparation for my speaking session later this afternoon. I am however looking forward to the Search Behavior session which follows after the one I’m doing and I’ll probably feel a lot more relaxed at that point. 🙂

Watch for another post later this afternoon and updates on our SES San Jose 2007 page with details on my session, some jewels from the session after and some resources to accompany my presentation (it’s hard to cover something as vast as Google personalization patents in 12 minutes).

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