Live From Chicago

Well big apologies for not getting a chance to blog about Chicago before now and even this post will be short. I’ll save all the details until I’m back and can put up some resources for those who attended my session.

After many delays I arrived in Chicago on Tuesday at 9:30PM and the fun began there. After a couple hours of chatting and chumming with those SEO’s that chose Chicago in December rather than Vegas (we call ourselves – the ones who weren’t thinking straight 🙂 it was time for rest to be fresh for my speaking on the Personalization panel at 10:15 after which I had the opportunity to host Webcology (a radio show I co-host on Webmaster Radio) . A great show and big thanks to the WMR crew.

After that it was a Blackhawks game (big thanks to David Dalka – an expert in local and mobile search marketing than I had the good fortune of meeting in Chicago) where they were beaten by the Canucks (being from Canada I love hockey and the Canucks so it was a good night) and off for some blues with assorted SEO’s and show organizers.

Today, exhausted, I got the pleasure of speaking on the “So You Want To Be A Search Marketer” panel. It’s not a panel that’s going to drive a lot of business but it’s great to help out up-and-comers in the industry avoid some of the mistakes and hurdles we’ve gone through over the years. Goodness knows we got our share of assistance and advice from those who came before us. 🙂

And now, with only a few hours before my flight out I’m off to the Art Intitute. My only exposure to it thus far has been in watching Ferris Beuller’s Day Off (great movie BTW).

Upon my return I’ll be uploading photos, and posting some resources that will supplements my session on personalization. If not before it’ll be up by Monday so be sure to check back – there’s some interesting stuff coming. 🙂

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