Link Building Tips

As an SEO it’s important to do regular research on topics such as link building (among about a hundred other things). As a blogger it’s important to post information that I find unique, interesting or just downright helpful.

Today I was looking around at different link building information and stumbled on a number of interesting threads and posts that I thought would be interesting. Some I’ve seen before, some are even a couple years old (which doesn’t mean they are irrelevant, believe me).

So here is my top 3 favorite link building tonight:

Google explaining what they look for in links – I can’t believe that I saw this for the first time tonight. Back in October Google posted this explanation of what they’re looking for in the way of links and how they tell the difference between a good and a bad link and some tips on how to build links. Nothing revolutionary but sometimes it’s good to hear it from the horses mouth (whatever that means).

101 Link Building Tips – Aaron Wall & Andy Hagans created a list (in 2006) of 101 link building tactics. One of them was to create a great 101 tips list so kudos … it worked and here’s your link. 🙂

Link Building Secrets – Some of the top SEO’s share some of their secrets. Everyone from Boykin to Fishkin weigh in.

So there you have it – my top link building information for the evening. If you find the list helpful, wouldn’t it be nice of you to link to it to let others know. 😉

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