Like Google Earth? How About Google Sun …

Alright alright, cheesy title I know. 🙂 (I just couldn’t resist)

Google and Sun Microsystems announced today an agreement to promote their products to the world. During the announcement they noted that this move will make it easier for people to gain access to the Java Runtime Environment, the Google Toolbar, and OpenOffice.

Google notes that this move will, “help millions of users worldwide to participate in the next wave of Internet growth.”

Rumors of the announcement had many pundits anxiously awaiting a death blow to Microsoft and were left wanting. There was no, “shot that was heard around the world” today. Rather, this move appears one that will slowly wear away at Microsoft. That is, unless Microsoft counters with a move that will help protect their marketshare (which would basically have to be a reduction in the cost of Windows and Office to … well … free).

While there wasn’t much hoop-la around today’s announcement it’s probably one of the most substantial moves that any of the major search engines have made recently. While not all the effects are directly geared towards enhancing Google’s position they will all either help Google or hinder Microsoft which, in turn, helps Google.

And now I must get back to the installation of OpenOffice. 🙂

I’ll let you know in our blog if it really does make a solid replacement for Microsoft Office.

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