Lessons Learnt From a Grassroot NonProfit


Most Non-Profit campaigns are grass roots with very little money. This can pose an incredible burden on the campaign strategist and web development team. I’ve seen many grass roots campaigns flourish with very little and it impresses me how they do it.

It seems to me,it’s the ones with very little funding that have the best equations for success. These are the places to learn social media, engagement and return of investment. These web-teams really know how to craft great stories listen to their audience and balance their actions offline with their online.

For many of these low budget non-profits, social media plays a big role in their foundation, where their listening and engagement skills often shine. They listen to their audience keeping an eye out for social tone in social chatter and what is driving the interest of the interested.

Many of these non-profits are great story tellers of their time. They evolve with their audience and stay current for the sake of their fellowship . They spread well-crafted stories over multiple channels but also take into consideration that their audience expect different things on those different social channels. It’s very clear the bigger the institution is the less of a connection those places have with their audience.(Unless they create a social media gimmick like the Ice Bucket challenge but even then it loses sentiment) The smaller grass-root campaigns manage to have a more human approach that plays well when they narrate and describe their stories. These stories can have a long lasting effect and not a flash in the pan.

I appreciate that they keep a close eye on their analytics and numbers. It’s smart as they can stay one step ahead of changing curve of interests. This also saves them from creating expensive strategies that can fracture their already burdened budget.

Most of the successful grass-root non-profits always move like a well-choreographed dance with their offline marketing team. The offline marketing team are the ones who are directly responsible for physically creating the motivating experience for the followers, new and old on the front lines. The Digital team has to be ready to echo the emotion digitally. Most of the attending audience will be online after or during their physical experience to share with their friends. This is exactly where both the online and offline team’s listening, engagement helps evolve non-profits story. Online and offline marketing teams need to play hand in hand at the point where their audience’s physical and digital experience meet. They are a perfect relationship on all levels.

When searching to enhance your marketing skills take a close look at some of the grass-root non-profit campaigns. You never know, you might learn a thing or two.

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